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MPVL was established in 1937. It was converted into a public sector undertaking during 1947. MPVL is the Manufacturer & Supplier of decorative paints, Industrial paints, thinner, polishes, primers, sealing wax etc., Specialists in manufacture and supply of Indelible Ink (Voter's Ink) for all the parliamentary, assembly and local bodies elections in India Since 1962. MPVL has been supplying this Indelible Ink to various countries MPVL is one of the profit making and Dividend paying company in Public Sector Undertaking in Karnataka

  • Enamels
    It is a high gloss premium enamel based on synthetic resin and selected weather resistant pigments...
  • Primers
    Particularly intended for priming aluminium and light metal alloy (Non-ferrous) surfaces...
  • Specialities
    It is based on the plasticized chlorinated rubber medium suitably pigmented...
  • Anti - Corrosive
    This is an excellent composition for Boiler interior and exterior use or any surface coming in contact with steam and hot water.
  • Varnishes
    It is a clear, pale coloured varnish which gives a touch, flexible and clear film with excellent gloss and durability.
  • Polishes
  • Miscellaneous
    It is a tough, adherent coating for painting black boards.

The main customer for the indelible ink is Election Commission of India and some othe foreign countries like Nepal, Combodia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria etc.
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Choosing Colors
Color plays a large roll in considering the aesthetic and psychological effects of your color choice, in how we react to situations,..
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EOI for Marker Pen & Indelible Ink


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