MPVL was established during 1937. It was converted into public sector undertaking during 1947. MPVL is the Manufacturer & supplier of decorative paints, industrial paints, thinners, polishes, primers, sealing wax.

Specialists in manufacturing & supply of indelible ink (voter's ink) for all the parliamentary, assembly and local bodies elections in India since 1962.MPVL has been supplying this indelible ink to various countries like Turkey, Nepal, Papua-new-guinea, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Singapore etc.MPVL is one of the profit making and dividend declared company in karnataka among public sector units

At present, the company is manufacturing all kinds of Decorative paints, Industrial paints, Polish and varnish, such as:

  1. Mylac Synthetic Enamels
  2. Brindavan Synthetic Enamels
  3. Mysolin Acrylic Washable Distemper
  4. Mycem Cement Paint
  5. Brindavan Powdered Distemper
  6. Epoxy Paints
  7. Chlorub & Chemical Resistant Paints
  8. Varnishes
  9. Aluminum Paints
  10. Bituminous Paints
  11. Zinc Rich Primer & Coal Tar Epoxy
  12. Wood & Cement Primers
  13. Red Oxide Steel Primer
  14. Zinc Chromate Red oxide Primer
  15. Brindavan Alcoholic Polishes
  16. Non-Alcoholic Polishes
  17. Indelible Ink (Voter's Ink)
  18. Road Marking Paints
  19. Sealing Waxes
  20. Postal Stamp Cancellation

The prominent customers of the company are M/s KAVIKA, KSRTC, MEI, BEML., Madras Port Trust, other Government Departments, Public sector undertakings as well as some of the private sector companies like M/s Automotive Axels, RPG Telecom, Sugar Factories in Karnataka.

In addition, the company has been manufacturing and supplying Indelible Ink (Voters Ink) used for all  the General Elections in India from the past five decades.  The company also is being exporting the Indelible Ink to various countries like,
1) Turkey,
2) Nepal,
3) Papua New Guniea,
4) Ghana,
5) Seirra Leone
6) Canada
(7) Mongolia
(8) Burkina Faso
(9) Republic of Benin
(10) Government of Lesotho
(11) Fiji Island
(12) United Kingdom
(13) Afghanistan
(14) Pakisthan
(15) Denmark
(16) Barundi and 
other African Countries and company has earned  good amount of  foreign exchange to our country.


The company used to operate as per the Budget approved by the Board.


The company has provided many safety measures for their employees. It has provided hand gloves, helmets, spectles, anti-fire and anti-heat gowns to its employees, so that they are not exposed to work related health hazards.


MPVL is the only paint manufacturing unit in public sector and thus it has a large market available in the Government establishments . The main customer for the indelible ink is Election Commission of India and some other foreign countries like Nepal, Combodia, Turkey , South Africa, Nigeria etc.,

  • Ours is Government company having exclusive licence to manufacture and supply `Voters Ink' called `Indelible Ink ' eversince 1962.

  • We have been authorized by the Election Commission of India to supply the Ink to all the Parliamentary, Assembly and Civic Bodies Polls in India.

  • Eversince India gained independence during 1947, nearly 13 General Elections held in India which is largest democratic country in the world. Our Ink has tested nearly 6000 million voters (Six thousand million voters) over the six decades.

  • Apart from domestic trade, our Ink has also tried and used successfully on more than 400 million (Four hundred million) persons over 60 years of proven performance, (ie., overseas Market)

  • We have been exporting this Ink to Ghana-Turkey, Papua-New-Guinea, Fiji Island, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Nigeria, South AFrica, Canada, Cambodia, Mangolia, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Togo, Benin, Lesotho, everesince 1978.

  • As you aware, our Ink is the first choice for Election purpose in order to ensure that a person can exercise his/her right to vote in an election and to prevent the fraudulent/multiple voting by the same person or persons.






5 ml Ink filled in 10 ml capacity HDPE bottle


Through application rod supplied along with each bottle


7.5 ml Ink filled in 10 ml capacity HDPE bottle


Through application rod supplied along with each bottle


20/25 ml Ink filled in 30 ml capacity HDPE bottle


Application through nozzle


60/80 ml Ink filled in 100 ml capacity HDPE bottle


(a)Through brush applicator supplied along with each bottle OR
(b)dip the first cut of the finger (with sponge inserted)


Any other packings as per the customer's specification.


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